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Start From$425.00 / Night
1,000 Square Feet
Deluxe Queen Size Bed
Halogen Fireplace
Steam Shower with marine stereo speakers connected to the suite sound system.
60" LCD TV with DVD Player with Ipod connection
Dining Table
Pool table


Intricate stonework is formed around the jacuzzi hot tub creating the mood of an Afrian jungle. A grass thatched hut over hangs the bed area and extends over the hot tub. Handcrafted statues and artwork from Nairobi and Kenya hang on the wall and are placed on shelves around the room creating a sense of earth and jungle. Open the door to your large ivory white steam/shower unit, billowing hot steam immediately soothing tense muscles.

15,000 pounds of slate is throughout the suite making guests feel like they are in the Himalayas. Hundred year old carvings, and statues from India are throughout – a museum experience. The waterfall hot tub and steam shower with multiple shower heads immediately soothes and re-energizes.

*Special Discounted Room Rates for longer stays. All prices subject to tax.
Please call toll free: 1-866-947-9190 or 204-947-9447.

Gift Cards Available for any special occasion

No Refunds Available: In House Credit Only